3 thoughts on “Annapurna Base Camp Trek in 5 Days

  1. I am planning to do Annapurna Base Camp Trek along with my friends in the very first week of upcoming October, 2018. I need to know what will be the nature of weather then? Will there be a lot of cold or rain? What will be the minimum temparature?

    1. The weather is cold so don’t miss to carry your warm clothes. Also, as the area is prone to rain often it is highly advised to carry raincoat. Cheers!
      Have a great trek.

  2. Another 20 minutes passed and it was finally light and a little sad. Clouds Two long-awaited eight thousandths were covered with a dense layer and we consider could only a narrow strip of sky in the East. Have a little lifted mood Nepalese students – a large group of young people cheerfully and loudly fotkalas in T-shirts. The guys shouted, the girls squealed, the photographers looked smartly in the screens. A little later blew a dawn breeze and lightly dispersed the clouds over the South Annapurna, but the group learned about the existence of Dhaulagiri only two hours. Yes, we quickly went down to the orphanage, had breakfast and already at 9 am broke away from the internet (worked as a wifi) and went out on the route.

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